Öncü & Keskin Law Firm offers legal services. The firm tries cases in various regions across Turkey. In addition to lawyer services, our firm offers Legal Consultancy and mediation services. Our expert teams handle all legal lawsuits including Real-Estate, Divorce and Criminal Law at professional level. Main priority of Öncü & Keskin Law Firm is to offer services based on client priorities.

The firm informs the clients in detail during lawsuit processes. The firm provides clear feedbacks regarding any possible situations that can be encountered during this process. Informing, correct job follow-up and professional approach are extremely important for Öncü & Keskin Law Firm. Within the opportunities provided by technological advancements, the firm undertakes communication, reporting and process follow-up at the highest level.


Öncü & Keskin Law Firm that adopts supremacy of law, privacy, professionality and quality principles is liable to keep all commercial secrets of the clients confidential. Our mission is based on our belief to represent our clients with great effort and to give all legal fight to protect and defend their rights and to our principles to earn the trust of our clients.

Within this framework, we are informing our clients in all legal topics directly or indirectly related to our activities and when necessary, we warn our clients against any possible legal risks and offer legal aid by referencing “protective law” at every stage.

Being good is easy, the hardest one is being fair.

Victor HUGO

Let the justice take place for all hell break loose.


Justice is crippled; it walks slowly but it reaches to the destination eventually.


Justice must first come from the state.


Laws don’t die even if they sleep.

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