Our Fields Of Expertise


ÖNCÜ&KESKİN LAW FIRM meets the all needs in Criminal Law in an effective manner.
ÖNCÜ&KESKİN LAW FIRM represents real or legal entities as suspects, perpetrator or victims for all criminal investigations and lawsuits in fraud, abuse of confidence, forgery and smuggling and offers consultancy service to these individuals.

Fast economic developments and increased foreign investment in Turkey have lead increase in the number of legal conflicts as well as criminal investigations and prosecutions.

Attorney Services

  • Criminal court cases and hearings
  • Penal court cases and hearings
  • Heavy penalty court cases and hearings
  • Military court cases and hearings
  • Enforcement Lawsuits
  • Appearance before court during investigation stage
  • Procedures for bill of exchange complaints and negotiations with creditors
  • Consultancy Services
  • Representations in case of emergency legal aid and instant intervention
  • Investigation and resolution of acts and actions in punitive terms
  • Auditing penal liability states of the merchant
  • Conducting related audits and taking precautions for Exchange Law, Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law Legislation, Intellectual Property Law for Criminal Law-related dimensions.

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